Motion design, 3D, video

Roles: Team lead, producing, art direction, motion design, writing, editing

At Palantir, I had a unique opportunity to build and lead a video/motion design team and collaborate with a world-class group of designers to create work that helped explain Palantir to non-engineers, support internal and external events, and celebrate company culture.


Motion Design, 3D

At Palantir, every release of its Gotham software was commemorated with a unique logo design based on a combination of the company logo and one of the elements of the periodic table. One of the most fun things our team got to do at Palantir was animate them to celebrate! We would receive the final, flattened design from a designer and find fun ways to bring it to life, whether in 2D or 3D. Above are some of the ones I animated.

Producing, writing, art direction, motion design

One of Palantir's biggest challenges was explaining how it worked to people who knew nothing about software engineering. From our customers to the philanthropic organizations that used our software, it was important to quickly convey what Palantir could do for them in a way that didn't use a whole lot of jargon. To do that, I worked with our design team to create a series of motion graphics explainers that quickly explained Palantir in a non-technical way.


The above video explains how Palantir was used by relief organizations soon after Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

One last thing:

I got to make a video with Bill Clinton!